Business Recovery Center‘s clients benefit greatly when they choose to partner with us.

BRC has always been at the forefront of technology shifts, and is an early adopter and proponent of new technologies that empower their clients to use technology to enhance their productivity.   Approximately fifteen years ago, BRC developed and deployed a complete turnkey hosted IT platform, way ahead of what today is commonly referred to as “The Cloud”.  We offer hosted private and hybrid cloud solutions engineered to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our customer attrition is among the lowest in the industry; this is attributable to the level of service and commitment we bring as a business partner.  Our employee attrition is also among the lowest in the industry; this is attributable to level of care and training we invest in our employees, which ensures our customers are supported by engineers whose knowledge level is current with industry and technology trends.

Our clients tend to be in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial management and legal.

Our services are designed to meet the IT security
requirements for each of these industries, such as:

  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
  • Graham-Leach-Bliley (GLBA)
  • s

BRC provides the following Solutions and
Services to our client base:

  • Secure Private Hosted Cloud Services
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Regulatory Compliance
  • Automated Electronic Data Backup and Offsite Backup
  • Desktop Virtualization

BRC is able to provide a complete end-to-end solution to its customers.  BRC remotely monitors systems, components and networks for performance and security.  Utilizing enterprise toolsets, BRC proactively manages applications, systems, networks and the entire security technology infrastructure of your business.  Between business demands and compliance with regulations, hackers, disgruntled employees and viruses, our monitoring and management constantly assesses the integrity of your platform, identifies weak points and areas to enhance your infrastructure and operations.  BRC identifies those performance elements of your platform and technology that require attention so they can be managed as planned maintenance and/or investments instead of unplanned outages or unforeseen costs.

BRC works hand in hand with its sister company Mathe, Inc. which was founded in 1990 as a full service IT organization, and is well experienced in supporting businesses in the banking, healthcare, financial services, legal, professional services and manufacturing markets.

In conjunction with Mathe, BRC also provides a wide range of professional services for the definition and execution of technology project deployments, as well as post-implementation services to meet your specific service level requirements.  BRC also works with a wide array of manufacturer and service provider partners such VMWare, VEEAM, Citrix, Acronis, Microsoft, HP, Wyse (Dell), IBM, Cisco, Sophos, Star2Star and more, to ensure their clients have access to all the latest technology to run a successful business.

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